Our mission

Rossen Plevneliev
President of the Republic of Bulgaria (2012-2017)
"How wonderful it is, that there is a Stoyan Kambarev Foundation for art!. A foundation that both discovers and supports young remarkable artists in all fields of the arts!

I believe that today, when a head of state awards the grand prize , the only thing of which he may dream of is for his people to fly on your wings - the wings of the young and the talented. Stoyan is gone, but Stoyan is here, he is everywhere. To open the gates for talent, we have to believe!"

Petar Stoyanov
President of the Republic of Bulgaria (1997-2002) / Honorary Chairman
"Through their perseverance and dedication to this wonderful cause, the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation has achieved many successes and has long since proved its place in the cultural life of the country. The Foundation provides an answer to a fundamental existential question: 'Is there life after death?' And the answer is: There is, if life is endowed with talent and if you can share out this talent to others. Personally, I am genuinely honoured to be one of the founders of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation. Today, after seven years, I have even more reason to be proud of this, because the activity of the Foundation is stunning and it gives a spiritual shelter to talented young Bulgarians."

H.M. King Simeon II
Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria (2001-2005) / Honorary Chairman
"I want to express my admiration for what I saw tonight and for those talents, which are truly exceptional and will be able to unfold their wings and fly even farther and higher than the pigeons we saw in the video. That which I have heard and learnt about the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation really pleases me, because it is a spiritual initiative for the young and something that deserves not only applause, but also support. It is now a wonderful Start Up, but on a different spiritual level, for which we should applaud once more. And especially we should pay our respects to the memory of Stoyan Kambarev, he's up there watching us and certainly we should all be thankful."

Margarita Popova
Vice president of the Repubblic of Bulgaria (2012-2017)
"This wonderful prize is for spirit! The freedom of the spirit is in the realisation of the dreams that give birth to beauty, and beauty will save the world. I give my thanks to the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation which supports people who give birth to bold ideas and dreams, because they give freedom."

Iordanka Fandakova
Mayor of Sofia
"Thank you for the honour that you have bestowed on me to confer such an important and prestigious award! The Stoyan Kambarev Foundation for art has shown, through its work, that it is possible for talented young people in Bulgaria to dream and to take off. But more importantly, it is possible to receive support for the implementation of their specific projects and recognition, as well as much love, support and friendship from everyone here.”

Nadezhda Neynski
MEP (2009-2014) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1997-2001)
BG Ambassador to Turkey
Honorary member of the Foundation

"As an honorary member of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation, I'm happy to support this great endeavour. In my role as an MEP, I am proud that together with the Foundation, we showed and presented the talent of young Bulgarian artists to the political elite in the European Parliament. People around the world need to see the new young face of Bulgaria!"

James B. Warlick
US Ambassador to Bulgaria (2009–2012)
Honorary member of the Foundation

"This is the most emotional, beautiful and genuine event that I have attended in Bulgaria! I am deeply moved and impressed. I was very pleased to take part in this special ceremony!"

Levon Hampartzoumian
Chairman of UniCredit Bulbank / Honorary Member of the Foundation
"I'm delighted! There are such few events in Bulgaria, that are organised with such finesse and class and bring together in one place both leaders in politics and business, with the greatest of our artists. Thanks to the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation, all these people join together in supporting young Bulgarian talent. In Bulgaria, there are people who can think, can provoke and can compete with the best in the world, but in every generation there are only five percent such talented people. I am delighted that UniCredit Bulbank as a longtime and loyal partner of the Foundation is helping to find some of them."

Gerard Depardieux
"What the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation does for young Bulgarian talent is impressive. The prize itself is very stimulating for anyone who deals with art. Moreover, that five young artists each year get the opportunity to realise their specific projects which is something that every artist dreams of. I admire Dessy Tenekedjieva and her team for their efforts and warmly support them. And young artists – have courage and go ahead! You are not alone! "

Konstantin Valkov
Executive Director of Darik Radio
"For me, this event was a huge surprise. I have never been at such a beautiful, meaningful and emotion-laden ceremony! I sincerely thank you for it! We are partners and we have supported the mission of the Foundation from the beginning and we will continue to do so with great pleasure in future."

Nikolai Nedelchev
CEO of Publicis Groupe Bulgaria
"For me, this is a unique cause, because it supports the spirit in all forms of creative expression. The purity of the idea is impressive, and especially that the true mission of the Foundation begins after the ceremony, namely with the implementation of the projects and the dreams of young artists in Bulgaria."

Kolyo Karamfilov
Artist, sculptor of the statue
Member of the Foundation

"This is not Askeer. This is not Ikar. This is not the Prize of the Union of Artists and Composers...This is an award for the spirit! This is something else...”

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